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BELLA REGINA Principal Designer / Model / CEO


“Why is the plus size woman funny?"
It is not just the question of seeing people looking at them.
I think there is also a problem giving up on themselves to look beautiful.

I was seriously concerned about this.
Women develop themselves with her desire to make themselves beautiful.
I always talk like this.
“Wearing beautiful clothes is a starting point for improving the quality of life of plus size women."

But wearing pretty clothes should not be all.
It is my pursuit that I dress for my own sake.
If you wear clothes that are beautiful in size and you fall in love with your own body,
It will whet the woman's mind to reduce size and wear more beautiful clothes.

Do you work on SNS?
If you are pretty, you get a lot of good on SNS.
In this reality, some plus size women expressed their beauty and began to show themselves.
There is no reason for them to conceal themselves in this world where various races and styles of people live.

Being fat is not good.
This is not to say that big size women are beautiful.

BOUTIQUE.B is confident that I play a big role in presenting beauty with big size styling.
Many women in our clothes feel confident.
And we enjoyed wearing our clothes.

I hope.
I hope that the word " big " will be lost to describe a person.
Still, they tag #plussizedress, #plussizedress with BOUTIQUEB.
Someday, I hope that the path to visit BOUTIQUEB will be #womansclothing #model and #dress


We make specialize in clothes for plus size women.
Boutique.B even has high quality fabric, sewing and sincere finishing touch of KOREA
It is made not just by wearing clothes that have grown in size but by modifying them many times. because all Boutique.B's dress are wearable.
This is why it is loved by plus size woman


BOUTIQUEB shooting is best quality shooting in the hotplace.
People wondered if the Big Size concept matches the high fashion levels in Cheongdam-dong.
It plays a role like a drama that reads trends.


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